There are many ways to install Rust on your system. For the moment the official way to install Rust is using Rustup.

📖 Rustup installs The Rust Programming Language from the official release channels, enabling you to easily switch between stable, beta, and nightly compilers and keep them updated. It also makes cross-compiling simpler with binary builds of the standard library for common platforms.

📖 Rustup installs rustc, cargo, rustup and other standard tools to Cargo’s bin directory. On Unix it is located at $HOME/.cargo/bin and on Windows at %USERPROFILE%\.cargo\bin. This is the same directory that cargo install will install Rust programs and Cargo plugins.

🔎 The main tools Rustup installs to the Cargo’s bin directory,

  • rustc: The Rust compiler.
  • cargo: The Rust’s built-in package manager and the build system.
  • rustup: The Rust toolchain installer.
  • rustfmt: The Rust’s official tool of formatting Rust code according to style guidelines.
  • cargo-fmt: Helps to run rustfmt on whole Rust projects, including multi-crate workspaces.
  • cargo-clippy: A lint tool that provides extra checks for common mistakes and stylistic choices.
  • cargo-miri:An experimental Rust interpreter, which can be used for checking for undefined-behavior.
  • rustdoc: A local copy of the Rust documentation.
  • rust-analyzer: A language server that provides support for editors and IDEs.
  • rust-gdb: A debugger that wraps GNU Debugger(GDB).


For Mac and Linux Users

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

For Windows Users

Download rustup-init.exe from and run.

💡 You may need to install Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 or higher, which requires an additional 3–4 GBs.

👨‍🏫 Before going to the next…

  • To verify the current Rust version, use the rustc --version or shorter formrustc -V command.
  • Rust follows six week release cycles. Use the rustup update command to update the Rust ecosystem.
  • You can access Rust’s offline documentation via the rustup doc command.
  • For a full list of rustup commands, refer to the rustup --help command.